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Wait for the Water

Lone Wave

Sometimes nothing inspires you. I may have my camera in hand, have stolen some precious time from the day and then nothing motivating materialises. In the very early part of 2018 I found myself pacing up and down a beautiful black sand beach looking for compositions. The light was okay and the location was incredible but I had already taken an average sunset shot and nothing else was catching my eye. It happens. I sat on a log, which I was refusing to move for yet another long exposure driftwood shot...I mean does the world need any more of those ? (and yes I have already taken my share...) when I started to watch the waves breaking on the beach.

I suddenly remembered the absolutely stunning wave photography of Warren Keelan the award winning Australian seascape artist. Luckily I had my 70-200 with me so I just sat and started to study the breaking waves. This was incredibly satisfying and while my shots are obviously not anywhere near the level of Mr. Keelan's, I found great artistic pleasure in the hour or so I spent trying to capture the water at precise moments of drama.

I am incredibly drawn to water. I love how each frozen wave in these images will never occur in the same way again. I like that about photography in general, people are like that too if you catch them off guard. When the light is just right and you have some time alone, watching the waves and waiting for that split second of beautiful watery chaos is beautifully meditative.

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